Since 1996 projectPan delivers the world of didgeridoo to event-spaces, as a fun-inducing musical act or in the shape of educational programmes, custom tailored to your individual event.

Solo-shows, band projects and performances showing all the versatility and the potential of the didgeridoo in every musical style you can think of: the danceable trance and pop-styles, but also jazz, classic, reggae, metal, you name it. So yes: Name it! We'll surprise you!

With the ultra-light-weight fibreglass didgeridoos we are able to »refresh locations that other didges don't reach«, the freezing spot on top of a mountain, climbing structures while playing, dipped in the pool (no, we didn't try diving yet, but since you ask ...*) So, walking and dancing while playing is no problem for us.

Apart from the customized performances there are ongoing fix band projects that we present to you here.



*) ... in case you really wanted to ask: no, it's physically not possible. The water pressure on the chest prohibits a decent basic drone ...




projectPAN – didjeridu

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