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Usually you would expect to find news and details about my latest projects. But at present I am trying to figure out how all this works, so please be patient with me. Just give me one more ... er ... month or so ...

One more thing: Since the English version of my last website never worked well enough, I decided to start this one in English and work out the German version later ... Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause ... Bitte sehen Sie mir mögliche Unannehmlichkeiten nach ... 


THE RAUTHA  – didgeridoo grooves from outa space

Ansgar-M. Stein is THE RAUTHA, the intergalactic musical life-form. On his travels through the galaxy he collects impressions of the vastness of space and compiles them in a highly danceable life-trance set.  Always behind his dashboard of etherical ultra-lightweight fibreglass didgeridoos he performs his versatile hybrid-style on the didgeridoo. [mehr]

AARA – urban brass

The Upper Austrian band bringing that ironical touch for maximum party-dance feeling.    [mehr]

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projectPAN – didjeridu

Ansgar-M. Stein
Auhofstr. 92
A-1130 Vienna

mob. +43 (0) 664-73 61 51 41