It’s not the asian noodle soup giving its name to this band project, it is, rather simple, the initials of their first names: Roman and Ansgar.

Accidentally, the same two letters are also those of the ancient egyptian sun-god. That kind of exaggerated symbolism calls for not being taken too seriously and that’s why these two „sunnyboys“ of the didgeridoo lead you through their sparklingly energetic program with a happy and scintillating sense of irony for themselves – and, of course, the eponymous Asian noodle soup won’t be left unmentioned …


Roman Buss from Switzerland, pioneering the didgeridoo since 1992, is a co-founder and organizer of the oldest European didgeridoo festival that is still active: The Swizzeridoo. Ansgar Stein from Germany, coining his styles since 1993, is a self declared dilettante of science and founder of the German online didgeridoo encyclopedia.


Together they embody the „old-school“ didgeridoo like no other, the music built upon the bordune sound of that ancient Australian instrument.The musical spectrum of these two unplugged, non-electronic specialists covers the range from inspirational sound-paintings and hypnotizing experimental spheres up to captivating trance beats.


projectPAN – didjeridu

Ansgar-M. Stein
Auhofstr. 92
A-1130 Vienna

mob. +43 (0) 664-73 61 51 41