Take a tuba and a didgeridoo setting the pop-beat groove, add some freaky funky brass riffs, a straight guitar line, and a minimalistic melodica, spice it up with cheeky upper-Austrian dialect vocals talking about the traps of every-day life and the vices of humanity in general, beat it up with a good portion of satire, surrealism and (self-) irony, and what you get is what we like to refer to as Distorted Urban Brass. You still need a category? Well, choose a big one – you'll need it. You'll find influences from Pop, House, Jazz, Funk, Electro, Punk (sic! ... don't ask, that's where people have put us ...) World, Folklore and Avant-Garde mixed into a homogenous highly danceable and lively sound drink.

We serve it shaken and stirred.


projectPAN – didjeridu

Ansgar-M. Stein
Auhofstr. 92
A-1130 Vienna

mob. +43 (0) 664-73 61 51 41