...about: projectPan

 projectpan is a platform settled around the diverse activities of didgeridoo-artist Ansgar-M. Stein who started playing the didgeridoo in 1993 and took the momentum of a blooming didgeridoo scene in Europe to present this unique instrument in fields where you might not expect it to appear.

... about: Ansgar-Manuel Stein

... a brief history of projectPan

projectPan was founded in 1996, originally as the name for a trance project by the Hanoverian Band PanGaea. The PAN in the name refers not only to the ancient Greek god of nature but also to their word for »everything«. Around 2000, when it became clear that the project members took seperate ways, the name projectPan was chosen as the name for the platform uniting everything about the didgeridoo. In 2006 it took on its present form when didgeridoo artist Ansgar Stein continued the platform to share the multiple aspects of the didgeridoo.


projectPAN – didjeridu

Ansgar-M. Stein
Auhofstr. 92
A-1130 Vienna

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